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UU Kodathara Ulikki Padathara Movie

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UU Kodathara Ulikki Padathara Movie Download

Uu kodathara Ulikki Padathara Movie Download: Manchu Manoj's latest film UKUP is out in theaters now. After delivering back to back flops with two different stories, Manoj groomed himself into a mass hero with a different formula movie UKUP. Shekar Raja directed this movie on Manchu Entertainments banner. Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna has made this film with his brother.  Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padatara  raised many expectations and has been carrying positive buzz prior to release. Did it live up to the expectations? Check out UKUP review..

Listen Review:

Narasimha Rayudu (Balakrishna) dies in the hands of his own bother in law when he try to save the prestigious place Gandarva Mahal. Then after Balakrishna living in same house as a Soul and protecting Gandarva Mahal. Due to these situations Narasimha Rayudu's next generation fell into troubles. To solve those problems Manoj entered into Gandharva Mahal. What happens next is the rest of story.   


UKUP has the style, grandeur, capable star cast and excellent technical crew, but what it lacks is a solid script. The plot is interesting one. But the screenplay isn't engaging at all. Right from the word go, the movie tests the audience patience and turns torturous with each passing minute. Director has gone for all style little substance kind of film, which doesn't appeal to any section of audience.

Balakrishna, the richness in the film and the exotic visuals are the only saving grace. Even the characters are under developed and due to that an able star cast gone wasted. The film drags and drags on in the second hour that few audiences in the auditorium lost patience and started booing. Music is not bad and not good either. Accept Balakrishna song None of the songs were picturized well. On a whole,  Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padatara is a pretty badly made film with highly technical values.


Manoj tried to prove himself as a different kind of mass hero. But he needs to wait for some more time to look old enough to take up such roles. His diction is so bad in few scenes in alright at times. He worked a bit on his dances and fights.  He is just okay with them. Balakrishna did well as per the content . he performed as his best in Narasimha Rayadu role. Deesksha Seth doesn’t even know the ABCD of acting. She can’t dance and at least can’t confidently face the camera. She is just a pretty face who should be limited to a second fiddle. Sonu Sood character is not properly etched.


Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhoopal didn't have the necessary zing. His work ranged from ordinary to hopeless in this film.Music by Bobo Sasi is standard. None of the songs have the repeat value. Background score is not so great. Cinematography is slick and probably the best of the technical departments. Editing is not up to the mark. Production values are rich. Director Shekar Raja can make a film stylishly and that is what the impression you get on him after watching UKUP. He needs to work on various departments to call himself a director.

Plus Points:

- Balakrishna Performance
- Richness and visuals
- Slick cinematography

Minus points:

- Weak script
- Poor direction

Final Word: It should open good due to the factor of Balakrishna. But the film didn't have a more plus points to survive at the box office.

Rating: 2.5/5
Manchu Entertainment

Starring: Manoj Manchu, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Deesksha Seth
Producer: Lakshmi Manchu, Mohan Babu (presenter)
Written: Lakshmi Bhupal
Music: Bobo Shashi, Salim-Sulaiman (BGM)
Story, Screenplay, Direction:  Sekhar Raja

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